Are you confused about The Hours when the Thetford Academy library is open?

This year, the library hours are confusing. I’m sorry. If we could make it less confusing we would.

Generally, the library is open from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm.

The library is open most blocks Fall Semester EXCEPT D2.

It will be open most blocks Spring Semester EXCEPT C2 during the 3rd quarter.

However, the library may be closed because Ms. Owen is working with a class. To check if Ms. Owen is in the library and free to work with you, please see the calendar below.

Red= the library is closed.

Orange=the library is open but Ms. Owen may be working with another student.

No color= come on over!

8:00 – until the last student leaves, 4 PM or 15 minutes after end of day if no students arrive 
We close at the end of school on half days

additionally we have some restricted hours during the day on some dates. Please check with the librarian in advance if you absolutely must access the library.

We will be soliciting feedback on these hours as the year progresses.