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Hand with fingernails that spell R-E-A-D holding Alice in Wonderland book
Read more by Starry Raston. CC-Attribution.

Like with most academic subjects, books related to English Language Arts can be found in several places in the library.

Fiction has it’s own section of the library and is arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name. Can’t remember the author? Use the catalog and search for the title. Can’t remember the title? Ask a librarian for help– sometimes we can help you figure out what you are looking for!

Most non-fiction (how-to, biographies of authors, etc.) as well as collections of stories and poetry can be found in the 800s of the Dewey Decimal system.

  • 800 Literature, rhetoric & criticism
  • 810 American literature in English
  • 811 American poetry in English
  • 812 American drama in English
  • 813 American fiction in English
  • 814 American essays in English
  • 815 American speeches in English
  • 816 American letters in English
  • 817 American humor & satire in English
  • 818 American miscellaneous writings in English
  • 820 English & Old English literatures
  • 830 German & related literatures
  • 840 French & related literatures
  • 850 Italian, Romanian, & related literatures
  • 860 Spanish, Portuguese, Galician literatures
  • 870 Latin & Italic literatures
  • 880 Classical & modern Greek literatures
  • 890 Other literatures

Not sure where to start or looking for more? Ask a librarian!

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